Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coffee Mugs

© Richard Ewing.  All rights reserved.
Thank you and enjoy.


  1. Nice! This looks like a typical teenager to me. If they're not asking you for money, they're glued to a rectangle of some sort. His mood appears to be a combination of concentration and high school disgruntlement.

  2. This guy reminds me of Mick Jagger....was this a subconscious selection caused by your journey into the sixties last week?

    1. no, ...can't quite blame a subconscious journey on this one. The reality is that this Coffee Mug was drawn several months ago (I have a bit of a backlog on these currently). So, as it turns out I didn't have much to do with this particular 'Jagger~esque' face.
      ...well, that's not really true either...

  3. What a beautiful and fluid sketch. your son has really grown up...I still remember him as a pudgy kid. I love the hair.