Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bird Shots™

A Lovebird is a type of small parrot known to be monogamous and is often found sitting for an interminable time next to its mate; hence the name.  And yet one would think that, with all this cuddlefussing, the more proper spelling 'pairrot' would have been long ago adopted...
no one ever thinks of these things in a timely fashion.
 © Richard Ewing.  All rights reserved.

A bird with a serious identity crisis.  The Northern Mockingbird will eat and mimic anything: other birds, insects and even amphibians.
It evidently has a lot of time on its hands.    ~ er... feathers.
© Richard Ewing.  All rights reserved.
Thank you. And enjoy.

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  1. Lovebirds are fun to watch too ... their quirky head movements are as sweet as their cuddlefussing. Your sketches always appear fun and spontaneous. The 'laughing' bird really showcases your skill at infusing a personality on an any living subject. Love the feet on Big Bird.

    As for your commentary on the mockingbird, I now need to reassess the novel, To Kill A ....