Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Friday, September 4, 2009

DAMN YANKEES (...throes of) part 12

Value study! Below is an unofficial re-comp of the entire illustration based on the current working character drawings and positionings. There will be some shifting and other alterations as the pieces are sewn together; Traveler will need to be finalized even if he has been for the most part cropped out of the image at the bottom. I am fighting the urge to draw Babe holding a platter on high with a big ol' hamburger on it, along with the attendant checker overalls... This would undoubtedly confuse the original concept, and cause a shift in one's confidence in me as a professional. Still, the inanity of it all would be funnier than all get-out, and may be well worth the trouble. I'll think about it. ...(maybe I've already drawn it but am not showing it to you...ha!)

© Richard Ewing all rights reserved

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