Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Artwork & Words © Richard Ewing all rights reserved

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holiday Account ...Damn elf !

The best winter holidays are harvested in July. And this "holiday card" image was seminated last September, so it's been brewing for nearly a year, and has come to fruition as of last week, mid July. The proper aging of an illustration is a precarious undertaking which involves rotating the rough sketch on a tri-daily basis, and limiting it's exposure to the sun to the early hours of the morning, and the waning sunset stream. Applying ink to the final at the wrong time of the year can lead to a dry and flaky drawing...
(actually the rough sketch has just been sitting on my desk waiting for me to get it done).
All ink and brush.

© Richard Ewing all rights reserved
Thank you and enjoy.


  1. Very crisp, Good to see this piecer come together. A really fine flow through the whole composition. I like how Santa's bread connects with the fur of his coat.

  2. Although it's mid-summer, you have no difficulty capturing the joviality of the season. This is a wonderful illustration. Where can I buy cards?